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Balanced Bilinguals

A new study has found that bilingual children of immigrants in the US could expect to earn between $2,000 and $5,000 more annually than children who speak only English.

The research, published jointly by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Educational Testing Services found that those adept at two languages, or “balanced bilinguals”, also had a greater chance of pursuing higher education and more highly-paid jobs.

The study concluded that bilingualism among the children of immigrants in the United States represents a previously untapped national resource.(source)

Bilingual Books: English-French, English-German, English-Portuguese , English-Japanese

Children’s Book Dutch: Twee Groene Bananen

Children’s Book Dutch: Twee Groene Bananen (Boeken voor kinderen bedtime stories in Dutch)
Children's Book Dutch: Twee Groene Bananen
Op het aanrecht, tussen het zoutvaatje en de koekjestrommel, staat een oud lelijk kopje. Ze is zo oud, dat ze zich de tijd kan herinneren dat de grootmoeder van de familie nog een klein meisje was.
Als het ‘s avonds laat is en als de hele familie slaapt, begint het oude lelijke kopje met haar zachte maar gedempte stem amusante verhalen aan de andere bewoners van de keuken te vertellen.

Raise Bilingual Kids

-Even if your child doesn’t understand all the words, the language will sink in over time if you read to him every day.
-Give your favorite board games a new spin by playing them in Spanish. Twister, Trouble, and Sorry! are all great for color and number practice.
-Because songs are filled with rhyme and alliteration, they reinforce
the sounds of a second language. By singing along, kids realize how certain words are highlighted while others are minimized.(source)
Bilingual Books: English-French, English-German, English-Portuguese , English-Japanese 

Books in Spanish: La Muñeca con Cabello Dorado

Libros para ninos: “La Muñeca con Cabello Dorado” (Cuentos para dormir, books in spanish for kids) (Spanish Edition)

Books in Spanish

¿Recuerdas a Alexis, que frecuentemente se encontraba a sí misma en medio de las situaciones más extrañas y de aventuras increíblemente sorprendentes? En una ocasión, ella incluso viajó al Reino del Jabón con su amigo, el gato de Mermelada de Fresa.

Sin embargo, el domingo por la mañana en esta historia en particular no prometía nada inusual para Alexis, a excepción de un viaje a la tienda de juguetes con su mamá.

Do you consider multilingualism as a kind of elite mental training?

Researchers have found that bilinguals have better executive function (control over attention and the planning of complex tasks).
It has become fashionable to consider multilingualism as a kind of elite mental training. The question is not settled, though, for many studies have not been successfully replicated. Nor is it yet clear precisely which kinds of language skills and exposure make people better at exactly which tasks.(source)

Interesting comments:

-If you have more than one language you are forced to do a little more abstract reasoning such that you can connect the two ways of expressing the same idea.

-I don’t agree that exposure to multiple languages is confined to an elite. Just take as one example emigrant children. They grow up with their native language often spoken at home, whilst attending school and participating in the social fabric in the language of their ‘adopted’ country. That gives them valuable bilingual skills.
-a strategy for peace on earth? Make every child at a certain age or two, spend a summer with a family on the other side of the earth. Exposure to other races, cultures, religions, languages, is worth its weight in diamonds.

-One advantage not mentioned is the enrichment one gets from being able to read books from different cultures!

-Think of it this way: A language is just a means to express what one has in ones’ head. What one has in one’s head is what one sees, hears, smells, taste and feels – the five perceptual senses.
Eventually, thinks.
The more languages you know or are exposed to, the more keenly your perceptual senses develop. There is a lot of room in the head for languages. Every child can do it easily. The learning facilitates the healthy development of the brain.
Languages also come in different forms. Music is a language. Art is a language. Mathematics is a language. Law is a language.
People get intimidated too easily by languages. And they form a mental block to resist the learning of a language. The most effective block is to denigrate that which they can’t learn or think or are told they can’t learn.

Libros para ninos: “El Cepillo de Limpieza y la Florerita de Cristal” books in Spanish

Libros para ninos: “El Cepillo de Limpieza y la Florerita de Cristal” (Cuentos para dormir books in spanish for kids)
books in spanish for kids

Había un cepillo de limpieza en la cocina que siempre era grosero, ruidoso, y muy controlador. Estaba colgado en un pequeño gancho en el rincón oscuro de la cocina cerca del fregadero. Desde ahí, podía ver todo lo que ocurría a su alrededor……