Bilingual Book English-German : Water-Wasser

English German Children’s Book: Water-Wasser: Book for kids English-German (Bilingual Edition, Dual Language)
Bilingual Book English-german : Water-Wasser

….It was early in the morning, and all the kitchen inhabitants had awakened as usual from the aroma of the just brewed Coffee.
Es war früh am Morgen und alle Küchenbewohner sind wie immer vom Geruch von frisch gekochtem Kaffee wach geworden.

“You see, guys, I am the most important drink in the world!” stated Coffee.
“Seht ihr Leute, ich bin das wichtigste Getränk der Welt!” erklärte der Kaffee.

“I am the one who wakes people up in the morning and gives them the energy for the whole day!”

“Ich bin es, der die Leute morgens früh aufweckt und ihnen die Energie für den ganzen Tag gibt!” ….

Read this entertaining story now! This is a great way to start reading some German. This book is fun with enjoyable illustration!